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    From pesto and olives, to truffles, fish and wild boar. Sample the Ligurian food chamber

Get stuffed

The region of Liguria is world famous for its food. From mouthwatering seafood served at the small trattorias scattered along the coast, to polenta, truffles and wild boar topping the menu in villages in the Ligurians alps such as Ceriana.

Dario & Esmeralda

Just around the corner, you’ll find En Tu Furnu, a small family run ‘trattoria’, where Dario & Esmeralda will serve you local dishes. There is no set menu, but usually they’ll write the main courses of the day on a piece of slate next to the entrance. Depending on the season, you’ll be able to taste wild boar, rabbit, various types of pasta and often fish and shellfish. En tu Furnu is not a gourmet-restaurant, but it’s well worth a visit, especially for the atmosphere.

La Vecchia Fattoria

For pizzas, La Vecchia Fattoria is you best near by option. A family restaurant, they serve extremely large pizzas from a wood oven and the menu is the kind of size that would have Gordon Ramsey throw a tantrum. The local cerianaschi often have their extensive sunday lunches here, and the restaurant is certainly recommendable for its atmosphere and the quality of the food.

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Mickey's Deli

In Pigna, which is about half an hours drive from Ceriana, you’ll find Mickey’s Deli – it doesn’t look fancy, but they serve some of the best home made pasta, we have ever tasted in Liguria. Watch the kitchen staff at work here – it’s salivating: